Why Banig?

Banig Accessories are all Natural

The actual process of creating Banig involves all natural, indigenous materials. The most popular materials used are the Ticog, Buri and Pandan leaves.

Woven Banig Accessories are Durable

The durable banig feature is evident in the way banig mats, bags and bayong can house many items simultaneously without it getting torn or ripped.

Banig fashion pieces are 100% Handmade

The Banig industry in the Philippines has a humble backdrop. Up to this day, banig weavers still use their hands to carefully create a woven masterpiece.

The Woven Style is an Eternal Style

If there is one thing that can convince you to invest in a wardrobe filled with woven products, it’s the fact that they do not go out of style.

Buying Banig Helps the Community of Weavers

Beyond the beauty benefits of banig fashion piece is a special reason for buying banig: it supports a community in the Philippines.

Adding Banig to your wardrobe enables Continuity of a Culture

This craft of weaving leaves is a representation of Filipino creativity. Due to the modernization of the fashion industry, this art needs a lifeline to thrive.

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