Our Inspiration

As the business name suggests, April & Fran fell in love with the “Banig” material and fascinated on how much it has evolved from being a sleeping mat to hand bags, back packs and laptop sleeve. The creativity of the artisans are just unimaginable, and such creativity combined with the sustainability and durability of the material made it more appealing to promote the eco-friendly products in Malta and around the world.

The primary instinct was to share to Maltese community how eco-friendly products can be sustainable, durable, authentic and unique at the same time. As the venture goes on, this humble business put as in awe of how Banig goes way back and happy to be part of the genuine treasure of keeping the tradition alive. The traditional art of mat weaving has been handed down as tradition and supports the livelihood of the people in the provinces of the Philippines. We thrive to bring exciting native products while collaborating with genius artisans community from the Philippines.

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